The art of hiding


There is something about hiding that makes one feel anxious yet at the same time excited.

Remember those days where we played hide and seek with friends, that exhilarating feeling of hiding in the dark, that adrenalin rush when we were being chased out from our hideout. We were scared of getting caught and every time it felt like our hearts would stop but we still played it.

This game we continue playing it everyday and at each place we go we have a different hideout. We feel the same rush; the same anxiousness yet there is something that changed. Instead of that exhilarating feeling we are scared.

Scared of people finding out the truth, fearing that our hideout will be discovered…

We are too lost in pretending how people want us to be, too coped up with how people will perceive us that we forget who we really are. Losing the traits, which define us, masking them with fake ones. Feeling the happiness for one moment where we satisfy other people with our fake identity. However it only lasts for a few minutes. When left all alone we´re thinking about whom we really are and what we really want to do.

When we are constantly hiding behind masks, we will feel terrified when we have to be ourselves. The reason is we don´t know how to be ourselves and which of the masks is our true self.

Our biggest fear: People finding out our true self and not liking it.

Why do we break our heads for people not liking our true self? Isn´t being different that makes each of us unique? Why do we feel conscious without our masks?

We are trying so hard in hiding our true feelings and thoughts that maybe by doing that we are losing important people and things in life. We try so hard to get on the good side of everyone that we forget who is really worth it.

Instead of thinking about others opinion of us we should be self-confident in who we really are. There will be people who like us the way we are and some who won´t like us but that´s okay. That is how life is. Not everyone has to like us and we don´t have to like everyone.

Because at the end of the day the question is, do people like us or the mask we put on everyday?

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