‚body shaming’

The action or practice of humiliating someone by making mocking or critical comments about their body shape or size.

The first thing she does when she wakes up is to look into the mirror. A reflection of her stares back at her, she sees someone she doesn’t want to be. An unsatisfied expression and a glimpse of disgust. All her efforts which includes starving herself and working out like crazy was not enough, she didn’t see any results at all. Well, there was a result maybe not one she expected.

Her hollow cheeks are more prudent than before…

She is half the size she was four months ago…

Her skin is pale and dry…

Her hair isn´t shiny and thick like it used to be…

In the eyes of a stranger this is how she truly appears. However as the girl stares at herself the only thing she sees are: her tummy isn’t flat enough, her cheeks are to fat, there is no leg gap, her waist isn´t thin enough, her arms aren´t thin enough and she doesn´t have an hourglass figure…

These days there are so many young girls who starve themselves in hopes of looking like their favorite celebrities. By trying out various diets and buying the detox teas/fit teas their favorite celebrities advertise on social media, their dream is the same: to have the perfect body. With the models stick-thin on runways, celebrities flaunting their perfectly curved bodies and mannequins on the displays not having the measures of a real human; the pressure to reach the ideal body type is growing each day.

Models and celebrities are victims of this issue too

Models and celebrities are victims of this issue too. They are constantly being watched by millions of judging eyes and these people become role models for many young girls. If they don´t have the ideal body type they get shamed for being fat and looking ugly. It doesn´t stop there, skinny girls are also getting criticized for being too thin and not having curves. Instead of always putting down people and making them feel miserable about themselves what about we encourage every young girl to feel comfortable in their own body.

No matter how your body looks, it´s important that you are healthy. It is not always about the numbers on the scale, everyone has a different mass of fat and muscle. Being healthy includes living a healthy lifestyle, eating healthy without refraining from enjoying junk food once in a while and most importantly surrounding yourself with people who motivate and support you. What good can we do if we tell someone that they´re overweight or too skinny as if that person didn´t know that already; well thanks for stating the fact.

I always see so many girls humiliating other girls because of how they look. It´s truly saddening to witness women seeing themselves as rivals and trying to put each other down. Whereas we, women, already face so many problems instead we should empower and look out for each other.

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