Vacant eyes staring at me

The emptiness piercing through me

I see a lost soul roaming around

In search for the meaning of life

Abandoned by warmth and care

Left out to the cold

Left out to take on the world alone

Nobody daring to reach a helping hand

What to do with this lost soul roaming around?


that is how they call us

Aren´t we all broken in a way?

This is what makes us human

How would we learn to live if not broken once or twice?

What differentiates us from the others is:

we are strong and brave

Brave enough to pick up our broken pieces

By putting them together we don´t give up

We try it even if we are broken a million times

Broken by those we care for

Broken by those who were broken once too

Tears are clearing up our souls

Our souls who were stained with darkness and pain

Rolling down our cheeks and leaving trails on our face

Each day we struggle to survive

without breaking down

We cry, we fall

but we face them with a smile

 those who broke our wings to fly


  1. Katta says:

    EInfach nur wow <3

    Allerliebste Grüße,

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