Failure – keep going

It is this kind of „I am not worth it“ feeling after a failed exam that you have that keeps you distracted maybe the whole day or even for the whole week. You start questioning yourself, well ok is that really something I keep want to do or just cut it? You start to think about your future, your well-being or the reasons why you could not make it while others pass easily.

I got that feeling every time I fail  and see others being happy about their results. But then I realize it is only one exam out of many that you could not accomplish like you would have had. And I know it is not easy to get out of this situation without feeling guilty. I think feeling guilty is something you should feel, so you have a better and stronger will for the future and for your next try. But most importantly, you should not let this one thing destroy you and make you questioning about your whole existence, I think you know what I mean, right? This situation is something everybody goes through and I am quite sure everybody knows how it feels like.

Another thing is that everybody is special and different. You have to accept this and keep going. Just because you did not and they did, that of course does not mean that you are less worth it. Maybe you are better at other things and subjects in which they are not. Comparing yourself with others will just  make the whole thing more complicated and irritating than it is. It will give you more fear and this believe me is not good for you and not for your surroundings, because this can only get stressful if you give it a chance. So just keep going, learn something from your failure or your mistakes and try to make notes , set new goals even if they are small ones and try to be happy about the other exams that you pass and if you have free time, use it and don’t think about it too much.

If I have to analyze the whole scene there would appear so many different reasons why it did not work out. Like I said everyone is different and you should do it for yourself and figure it out and after that keep trying to improve. Maybe it is your way of studying that is not that much effective or it is also possible that you misunderstand the things which you actually thought you did understand. But one thing is for sure, failure is not something you should be ashamed of. It is very normal to make mistakes because we are human beings and nobody is perfect and for real nobody has to be perfect. Being flawless, I mean it depends but if, ok well done but you don’t have to stress out. You should be in that situation in which you can be proud of not being flawless.

Remember this:  failure is human that is why you have to keep going.

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