A Game called Life

We have to let go of the past

still holding on to the memories 

hoping they will last

it is pointless


life goes on

time does not stop

 nobody will wait for you to catch up

either you go with the flow 

or you drown

we live in a society where we have to keep moving on 

wether we like it or not

wether we are ready or not


We shouldn’t give up on this game called life

giving up means suicide

giving up before even trying 

means being a coward


once we face a problem 

we shouldn’t crawl back into our holes 

we have so much to explore and discover


crawling back is the safest solution 


for how long can you live in the darkness


do not be afraid 

to take on the world 

because you are not alone


even if it seems as if the whole world´s burden is on you

look back and see your kind, 

those who are trying their best, 

those who are struggling like you


gain motivation,

keep going forward and

continue playing this game

but play it good


as you go beyond your limits

let them sit 

and watch you

in awe


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