A Journey Of Life


Today, I met up with a friend and we had a good time talking about our lives. She told me that she had to leave earlier because her sister was giving birth. I could see the excitement in her face at the same time she was sad, she couldn´t accompany her sister. We bid goodbye to each other and went out. She turned left to visit her sister and I turned right making my way home.

As I passed the bus station there was forming a crowd and they were looking at something. I could get a glimpse of two people kneeling down and one lying. I thought they were fighting. I am usually not the type to be bothered by such commotion. However, it was strange that people didn´t try to meddle in with the fight. I looked around and saw faces with curiosity, confusion, sadness and pity. Why were they looking like that? Why was no one interfering to stop the fight? Why are they just watching and not doing anything?

I tried to look past the people and see what was going on and there I saw him. The man whom was supposedly getting beat up was lying there in front of my eyes. I could see him lying there on the cold pavement lifelessly, eyes closed and every second his face was turning paler. On his left a man was kneeling down and doing CPR while on his right a woman was giving him mouth-to-mouth respiration. Then it struck to me, the man was practically dead and they were struggling to bring him back. Trying to get his heart beat again but he wasn´t coming back. Minutes passed and an ambulance could be heard. When they arrived on the scene, they rushed out of the car and did CPR just like the man before. What was different I thought? Yes, they are professionals but they´re doing the same thing.

The crowd was getting bigger and people were staring helplessly at the situation in front of them.

The paramedics put the dead man on a machine and gave him an electric shock, it wasn´t working. So they continued and continued at the same time more and more people were gathering. That was it, the woman from earlier snapped at the crowd what they were looking at and that they should let the paramedics work in peace. They crowd went back only for a while and then turned back again. Another ambulance came and my bus came too. It only takes five minutes to walk home but I also wanted to watch the situation before me just like those people. I guess the bus was an excuse for me to stay longer and watch.

Five minutes I waited for the bus and five minutes I watched the man getting CPR and turning paler as the minutes passed. If I had walked home, I could be home and sitting in the warmth and in comfort. Nevertheless I couldn’t tear my eyes away from the situation. I went on to the bus and continued watching the situation from there. Through the window of the bus I could see the paramedics putting out stretcher. The man was going to be transported to the hospital. My bus wasn´t taking off as if the driver was also watching as the situation unfolds before him.

After one stop I got off the bus and walked home. One minute it would take from there but it seemed as if the walk back home took longer than a minute. I was lost in my thoughts thinking about the man who was lying on the cold street dead and people trying to bring him back to life but it seemed hopeless. This was not an excuse for the paramedics to stop doing CPR, no she was continuing as if her life depended on it.

I wondered if his heart beat would start beating again and if he could make it to the hospital or would he die in the hospital. Did he have any family members? What would his family, his friends do? Would they have the chance to see him once more before he leaves this world?

I arrived home turned on the light, put my shoes on the rack and hung up my jacket. I made myself coffee and let the aroma fill up my room it was comforting. I didn´t know how to feel about today. I couldn’t feel anything like I was the one lying on the cold street lifelessly. I needed something to make me feel warm again, just something to make feel anything. I drank my coffee and felt the warmth envelope me quickly. Then I could feel like I was living again and breathed out a breath I didn´t know I was holding. I lay on my bed, closed my eyes for a moment and thought about today.

My friend who turned left was on her way to welcome the new life…


…and me who turned right was going to witness the goodbye of a life.

How strange that today marks the birth of a new life and at the same time the death of someone.

This is life, I thought, people come and go. You don´t need any warning, you don´t know when you´ll leave this place. You just go without any trace.

January 22, 2016 – the day a life is coming to this world joining us on our journey and on the other side another life reaching the end of this journey and leaving us.

Yes, this is called life.


  1. Liese Kalinka says:

    Ja, das ist interessant. Während manche auf die Welt kommen, verlassen andere sie auch wieder. Ich kam nicht umhin mir Gedanken über die Abschnitte des Lebens zu machen. Es ist so interessant und überraschend zugleich. Es kommen Zeiten, da verfallen viele Menschen ihren Zielen so sehr, dass sie den eigentlichen Überblick verlieren. Dann vergisst man manchmal was wirklich wichtig ist und wie viel Zeit, schöne Momente des Lebens man verpasst hat.

  2. iGirl says:

    “Then I could feel like I was living again and breathed out a breath I didn´t know I was holding. I lay on my bed, closed my eyes for a moment and thought about today.”

    Das ist wirklich schön gesagt. So fühle ich mich auch oft nach einem langen anstrengenden Tag.

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