Make America great again Trump

Make America great again Trump

Yes, please make it great again Trump, where nobody has to fear the future, where nobody has to live with a thought of an ejaculation of the world war three and where the researches about emigration to Canada online do not crash any more. Yes, Trump make America great again.

You cannot make a country great again with thoughts of no democracy, no equality, no respect over women, no gravity in personal, no empathy and most of all with no love to human beings.
It will loose his functions anyway.
It will make the world a more dangerous place then it is.
It will destroy the world freedom and its balance, yes it will.

But we humans, why do we like to live like this and why do we always want something bad happening ? Are we thirsty to death or are we just not the right creatures to live on this earth since we cannot live and love together in peace.
How can we vote for a man, whose ideology is way more than 200 years old or even older and unnecessary.
How can we as women vote for a man, who is not respecting us at all and want us as some kind of an enjoyment object and will not open doors for us but instead close them, lock them, and throw the key to the wide wide ocean, where surviving is nearly impossible.
And how can we vote for a man, who has no clue in living together and worse has no interest in living together, no matter which culture or nationality.
This exact point made America, the big amount of multiculturalism, the big amount of respect of freedom in every aspects. But no, it seems like we did not like these ideas and therefore we needed to taste hell alive.
Well done America, be prepared for the upcoming Oscar Awards for winning the award for the “best choice” you did in your life while voting for Trump.

Yes, Trump make America great again but please promise one thing.
Please make your personality and your mindset great again before destroying the world.

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