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I do not know for how long I put the pen down and up.





Not only me but the words are exhausted. Trying hard to hold tightly.

Daddy is gone.

Mommy is helpless.

Baby is crying.

You see it is very difficult to come to my senses and build a sentence, which does not sound like anger, fear, hopeless, tragic and pain. How can I ? Just how ? You want me to write something which makes sense even though the thing I want to write about does not make sense at all, so tell me how is that possible. I need help. Not for writing but for understanding.

For understanding this world, this cruelty going on all around the globe. That is insane. We are positioned as mommies and are therefore helpless.

Visiting museums and being astonished and amazed of what happened in the past and is now potrayed as art.

Let me tell you something, at that very moment in that time the stories and occurences were not art.

For some it meant apocalypse.

For some it meant loosing his or her children, loosing arms, loosing hearts and even lifes.

It is true it was always the case that we understand the worth afterwards, but not in wars even in those little moments we forget to appreciate things or to remember things and to take action in that very moment where help is needed. Not when everything is done and gone.

Visiting museums and hearing stories of what happened after all of the loss and pain I am really sorry for the choose of the words but are unhelpful and even egoistical.

Lets take action right now !!

Maybe we cannot change the past but we can learn from it.

Lets take action right now because today and now there are so many mommies crying for help so many hands hoping to be held and to get back to life. Please lets not wait until everything ist done and gone and then visit museums to see what is left and maybe get rid of the guilty conscious.

To destroy is much more easier to build. I think that is why we are curently living in a world where the amount of ongoing wars and conflicts and human rights abuses are more than peace freedom and justice. Because destroying means choosing the easy path. Choosing peace and love is always more difficult than the negative occasions because it assumes strength and the ability to build. It costs so much time and effort to build something but only seconds to destroy and that is why we always choose this path. Maybe todays politicians think that you have to keep attacking other countries so you can show your power and be a sympathizer of wars because the ones in the past did that too and you know what they are rembered they are still in the mouths of millions of people.

But most of the time plurality means nothing.

No wonder Sigmund Freud said ‘Most people do not really want freedom, because freedom assumes responsibility and most people are afraid of that responsibility.’

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