One right, One chance, One Change

Look to your right and look to the left, watch the opposite side of the street and across the corner. One thing is for sure. The elections started. It is not possible not to see every poster freely suspended everywhere on the streets. Some are cracked and some are painted, a very small amount of them are still recent.

Every party has his own poster created with the appropriate individual represented. So its kind of irritating if you see colorful posters hanging up on the streets, especially if you have no idea for what they stand for and what the statements are meant to be.
Well, the statements should have the power to convince the civilians to vote for them or let them be the representative figure, but how effective are those kind of statements? This question must be answered self-sufficient by everyone, therefore it depends on the person how to weigh the various statements of the party on their own.

To take a look back to my title:
One right,
One chance,
One change !

If you have the right to vote, then why not ? If you have the right given by the government to you to choose your representative individuals, then why not ? They are not going to do things that you do not want them to do, so go and vote, because who votes has a powerful impact on public policy and government.
We all have to take responsibility for this world in which we are living and policy is one of the most important factor to create a balance in to the society.
If you do not vote than you should also have no right to criticize the policy of your land, because in some point it is also your fault.

Voting is the best way to take a small step for changing the world. So why not use this chance for creating a better world ? Do not think that your one vote is not going to change anything. NO.
It is going to change a whole bunch of stuff. Go and get the chance, not just for yourself but also by motivating others to vote, because every vote counts. Do not make some place for the ones who are going to restrict your rights and freedom, so go in for your chance.

“ One Man Can Change The World ”

I always remind myself of the words from Mark Weitzman.
Why not be the one to change the World?
And every time it motivates me to vote, for my right, for my opportunity, for my chance to change the world.
Changes are men created, its not very much difficult to take a small step and make the people believe that they can change something, also only by voting.

I believe from the depths of my heart, that maybe I could have take a small step by writing the importance of voting for your right and for your well being. Hopefully it is going to change a tiny amount for this world.

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