PLAYLIST – Studying/Reading

Here are a few of my current songs that I listen to when I am reading or studying. For me, I can’t study without music and it was years later in my high school years, I found out listening to music with lyrics actually lowers your productivity. However listening to instrumental music helps enhancing your concentration and productivity. Of course, for some people it might not work and may get distracted but for me I can´t concentrate without it.

So, if you also study with music, check out the 10 songs below and enjoy 🙂

Oskar Schuster – Damascus (Piano solo)

Sigimund – Emptiness (Piano)

Erik Satie – Je te veux (Piano and Violin cover)

Kimi no na wa OST – Kataware Doki (Piano) from my favorite anime movie:)

Kimi no na wa OST- Nandemonaiya (Piano)

Ólafur Arnalds – saman (Piano)

Classical New Age Piano Music – Italian Summer (Piano and Violin)

Classical New Age Piano Music – Andantino (Piano and Violin)

Mae Ji-Yoon – Vibrations (Guitar played by Frank Deden)

Sergei Baronin – Sweden


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