Rant Poem: Wake Up!

This was what I wrote after reading that another child of age 4 was raped, cut into pieces and thrown into a trash bin. There was this overwhelming urge to cry and yell at someone. So, to let it all out I took my pen and wrote…


I want to scream, I can´t

I want to cry but no tears are left

I want it to stop but how

There is so much pain, so much blood and tears shed

A big cloud of hate surrounding the world

Hate consuming us and we are drowning in it

Yet we turn a blind eye to it

I wonder how many dark clouds have to surround us,

for us to finally snap out from our dreamland

I am sick of this cruelty happening in the world

There is too much hate,

too much irresponsibility,

too many hearts broken,

too many people broken

Just how many more children, women and men have to suffer for this act of disgust to stop

It is an act of crime against humanity

Just how many more lives have to be ruined for us to do something

How many mothers hearts have to be broken,

how many innocent citizens have to experience such cruelty

For us to take matters in hand and end all of this

I do hope soon we will all wake up from our deep slumber and finally act!

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