I had the desire to take a step back.
And truly think about what I really want in life.
This took me a lot of time.
Simply the realization of me, as a human being.
Do I really want to do what I am doing ? or am I drawn into something, unwillingly ?
Does that make sense ? Is this really me ? ask, can you identify yourself within ?
Searching for myself was a really tough journey and little by little , piece by piece I am completing me. But isn’t this what counts in the end, even though you feel like crap and depressive because of the rollercoaster going on in your mind and the struggle of not fitting in the standards make you go nuts.
But you finally arrive.

Yes time flies by but so does your dreams.
In this time, I understood that it is truly important to first find yourself and realize who you are and then running towards your dreams.
It will make everything, every step and mile in your journey much more easier.

It will cost a lot.
No, not materialistic things but a lot of strenght and dignity.

There will be times where you are not going to see your friends and your family so often and collect some precious memories together.

You will feel absolutely lonely and alone.
BUT you have to.
As I said I had to take a step back and this took me a lot of time.

A lot of sacrifices, heart breaks and will.

But here I am.

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